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N: Nature's Way, Spirit 
Nature's Way
N: Nuclear Power

N: Nuclear PowerN: Nuclear Power

N: Nuclear Power


     This is the most critical issue that confronts the people living on earth today.

     A.  Nuclear Plants are powered by uranium. The earth contains resources that will supply us with uranium for about fifty years. If we are to be economically practical, what sense does it make to spend billions on each Plant when we will have nothing to fuel them -- leaving us only huge, obsolete, unusable structures.

     B.  Unbelievably, no one has figured out a method to safely store the radioactive waste produced by a Power Plant. This is no minor annoyance. There have already been numerous problems with chemical dumps necessitating evacuations of communities around our country. Let's ask people in Denver or Niagara Falls if they would mind containers of radioactive waste being stored beneath their homes after their recent horrified discovery that the radium business and chemical dumps once operated in their midst. We know that overexposure to many chemicals causes cancer. We know certain chemicals are harmful to humans. You cannot put this stuff in tupperware and go play eighteen holes of golf.

     C.  Companies like General Electric, Pacific Gas and Electric, and Westinghouse are spending in excess of a billion dollars on just one Nuclear Plant. They must believe that somewhere down the road these investments will yield a profit. Who owns the uranium that will fuel these Plants? Most of it is owned by the energy conglomerates. It is beyond belief to allow these same companies that have already raped our country and exploited us, the consumer, to control a business that threatens our health and continued existence.

     D.  If we should be fortunate enough to run the existing supplies of uranium out, plutonium could power Nuclear Plants. Plutonium is a science-fiction chemical right out of the Twilight Zone. Any moral scientist, knowing its potential destructive capabilities, should have urged that plutonium not be allowed on the face of our earth.

     Most times the potential danger of plutonium is only mentioned in conjunction with the thought that a radical group might obtain some. The most dangerous groups connected with plutonium are those that produce it. It is difficult to say what precautions Kerr-McGee takes to safeguard its plutonium. However, it would seem most likely that big industrial concerns like Kerr-McGee would have the least difficulty in obtaining large supplies since they are the manufacturers.

     E.  Life Magazine, in its January 1979 issue, ran an article on earthquakes with the following headline: "ALONG THE EDGE OF DISASTER - THE SAN ANDREAS FAULT STRETCHES 700 MILES THROUGH CALIFORNIA, AND NEW FINDINGS POINT TO A PATTERN OF BAD QUAKES TO COME." The final page of this 13-page article is headlined "BURIED RECORDS OF THE PAST MAKES GREAT QUAKES INEVITABLE." Those who advocate nuclear power are quick to assure us that the plants are supposed to be safe in an earthquake

N: Nuclear Power

measuring up to various points on the Richter Scale. We could ask Alaskans if they would like to have nuclear power plants in their state. They experienced an earthquake in March 1964 that measured 8.4 on the Richter Scale and just recently were jolted by another quake on February 28, 1979. Is anyone sure how Nuclear Plants have been pretested to assure us safety? In the event that a quake exceeds a Plant's limits, perhaps the owners could sue Mother Nature for damages.

     F.  Firestone Tire and Rubber recently had to recall several hundred million dollars worth of defective tires. Fortunately, their guarantee was good. It is impossible to guarantee the air we breathe, replace the water we drink, nor give refunds on human life. The guarantees on the safety of nuclear power are worthless.

     G.  From a military standpoint, if an enemy attacked our country, the most potentially damaging and inviting targets would be those huge domed buildings. An atomic bomb dropped by an enemy would be less destructive than successful sabotage of a Nuclear Plant.

     On January 1, 1979 during the Rose Bowl Game, California experienced a mild earthquake. Later in the same year, Mexico was jolted by a quake which measured from 7.0 to 7.9 on the Richter Scale.

     Why we continue to dump deadly poisons into the ground that contains the water we drink, and store chemicals beneath the earth that grows the food we eat, is difficult to understand. Who decides where to dump what? Is there any real supervision, inspection, or protection for the public good?

     We have no idea when the earth will rumble, swallowing large portions of land. Life is too incredible a miracle to risk on things we can't control. Ignorance will not spare our lives... Nuclear Power amounts to societal suicide.

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