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R: Revolution, The Beatles 

ROCK AND ROLL -- A popular form of music which at its best, blends
                               poetry and a different kind of passion

     If politics sometimes makes strange bedfellows, certainly so did Rock and Roll. Perhaps for the first time, communist countries and the church found themselves on the same side. Both held a severe dislike for Rock and Roll. Since freedom is not allowed in communist countries, it is understandable that they have banned this kind of music. Why various churches refused to accept a new way of expressing truth is hard to understand.

     Many are moved only by the music, but the true Rock and Roll fan manages to blend the words with the music. To help listeners along, The Beatles were the first to print the lyrics to their songs, enclosing them with the Sgt. Peppers' Lonely Hearts Club Band album. Today, most albums released contain printed lyrics.

     Songs are meant to be sung, not read, but for the benefit of those who never heard, and those who never listened, the following songs are offered with hope that we may not only admire the artist, but what he or she has to say:

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