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T: Teach Your Children -- Crosby, Stills and Nash 
Teach Your Children
TEXACO -- U.S. Based Energy Conglomerate

     It is truly unfortunate that Bob Hope, a man who has brought laughter and pleasure to so many, is the main spokesman for Texaco. In a recent commercial, Mr. Hope holds an infant in his arms and asks "Who owns America's oil companies...Over 14 million Americans" (then talking to the baby in his arms), 'Isn't that right .... we're working to keep your trust."

     The road to dishonesty is a sad story. First, a baby cannot even legally own stock of any kind. Secondly, most six-month old children do not talk or offer opinions which disagree with words they don't understand. Thirdly, and most important, a stockholder is not an owner who makes decisions. A stockholder has merely bought a share of a company's future income; he has almost nothing to do with the running of the business.

     Texaco produced another commercial where a man, dressed as Uncle Sam, attempts to leap over many barrels of oil. The point the commercial hoped to make was that the United States should not get caught over a barrel by relying too heavily on foreign oil. Good advice now, but too bad for us that from 1959 to 1973, when the United States produced 88% of the oil we consumed, Texaco was not concerned with saving our domestic supplies. So we ask Texaco -- Who is Uncle Sam? And,can we trust our cars to the men who wear the stars?

          A. 1971 -- $7 Billion, 529 Million, 054 Thousand
          B. 1972 --   8,692,991
          C. 1973 -- 11,406,876
          D. 1974 -- 23,255,497
          E. 1975 -- 24,507,454
          P. 1976 -- 26,451,851
          G. 1977 -- 27,920,499

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