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O: Out of the Blue, ELO 
Out of the Blue


     A.     Many curious people wonder if UFOs exist. Actually, the more important and proper question is: have space ships from another intelligence visited earth. Those who believe an alien intelligence has been to our planet have never been able to prove it. Those who do not believe in such tales will never be able to prove that flying saucers do not exist. That would be impossible.

     For some years, the Central Intelligence Agency has made its own investigations into this phenomenon. In 1979, the CIA was forced to release information on their studies. However, they released only partial details and information they have gathered, deciding not to make public much of their findings. How such reports can be kept from from the American people, and people of the entire planet, is hard to explain. Why the CIA refuses to release all information involving such a fascinating subject to everyone remains a mystery.

B.     The following is the conclusion of "The UFO Incident," a CBS show based on the true story of Betty and Barney Hill:

     "In 1963, under hypnotic suggestion, Betty Hill drew from memory the map shown to her aboard the spacecraft. Astronomers became fascinated, for what if the map corresponded to a pattern of real stars from an alien viewpoint? Astronomers reasoned that the majority of star systems likely to have life supporting planets were located in the obscure southern constellation of Reticulum. Yet, three stars in the cluster were unknown until 1969.

     No astronomer on earth knew their position in 1963, but that same year Betty Hill drew a map which contained these undiscovered stars. Astronomers at Ohio State University requested a computer to put them in their correct position, out behind the incredible double star system of Zeta Reticuli I and Zeta Reticuli II, 220 trillion miles, 37 light years away from earth looking toward our sun. And the computer duplicated with virtually no variation the now famous map of Betty Hill."
The UFO Incident (1975) Part 1      The UFO Incident (1975) Part 10

C.     Only time will give us a definite answer. However, if we can all imagine ourselves to be astronauts looking down on our planet, it may enable us to objectively question the way humans live. Perhaps, by looking at ourselves from afar, we may find different and better ways to improve life for all who live on this, our planet.

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