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Q: Question of Balance, The Moody Blues 
Question of Balance

QUESTIONS -- what we ask when seeking accurate or honest answers
                             to aid us in finding practical solutions to our problems

     Unless we ask constructive questions, things do not improve for us individually, as a society, or collectively as a world. No one anywhere can force anyone to stop asking questions of himself. Usually those who resent answering questions are those who have something to hide and fear telling the truth, or those who dispute your right to ask. We must remember that when you honk your horn at a reckless driver who endangers your safety, invariably it is he who gets angry when it is your life that has been jeopardized.

     Many who cried conspiracy in the killing of President Kennedy in 1963 were called crazy; those who opposed the Viet Nam War were peace freaks; and now there are those who hate dirty ecologists. Many horrified people fear their view of reality. We should be afraid but never intimidated. We must seek a perspective on what our rights are as United States citizens, as inhabitants of earth, and as members of the human race.

- WHO is that "they" who make decisions that control the way we live?

- WHAT nation or power does not want food, land, and peace for its people?

- WHERE are we headed?

- WHEN will this legitimized insanity end?

- WHY can't we find solutions to our problems?

- HOW MUCH LONGER before the human race becomes an underdog in its chance to continue survival?

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